What is it?

Is the application of touch to either the hands or the feet.  The feet and the hands mirror the rest of the body so when the therapist works these areas it encourages the body to heal itself naturally. It may help with relaxation, circulation and improvement with blood  and nerve supply, bringing the body to its own healthy balance.

A reflexologist does not diagnose or claim to cure any illness.

Is it safe?

In general it is considered to be safe therapy. However in certain circumstances it should be avoided or used with caution.  It is important to tell your therapist about any ongoing medical problems, skin conditions or infections affecting your hands or feet.

What happens during a treatment?

For foot reflexology you will need to remove your shoes and stockings. You will be treated either on a therapy bed or in a reclining chair.  Your therapist will apply pressure to certain points on your feet to help restore balance.  Pressure used varies with each therapist. The therapy normally takes about 45 – 60 mins.

Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is a comforting treatment using the same principles as on the feet. Treatment would normally be about 30 minutes. Useful as a quick treatment for all, lovely for the elderly or clients who are very unwell but who would benefit from a touch therapy without being intrusive.