What is Reiki? (Rei – universal     Ki – energy)

Introduced to the world by Mikao Usui, this system of healing has been passed down by Reiki masters since the 1920’s and today is practised all over the world.
The word Reiki is Japanese and its meaning is “universal energy”.  It is a method of natural healing which is non-religious, and non- invasive.  During a treatment the reiki practitioner channels the life force energy (ki) through their hands to the client’s fully clothed body by either placing hands on the client or just above the body. Reiki is drawn into the body via energy centres called “chakras”.

Reiki may help with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, helping to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.  It may help promote calmness and a feeling of well-being, relax the mind, relieve stress and promote a positive peaceful outlook.

It helps supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

It is safe to use with pregnant women, babies children, adults and the elderly in sickness and in health. It supports and complements other medical and natural healing treatments.

There are some contra indications to treatments such as pacemakers and certain mental health conditions please ask your practitioner should you require advice.

Treatment normally lasts between 40 – 90 mins but can be as short as 10 mins especially with babies and young children.