Hello and welcome to Majoyce Therapy

Supporting  your wellbeing in health, pregnancy and for those living with illness. Also helping to support parents with babies and toddlers by teaching you how to give a special technique of reflexology to your child.

My name is Maggie and I am a Reflexologist MAR (Association of Reflexologists), Reiki practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Energy Field Therapist,  practicing in the Birmingham area from the Harborne Complementary Health Clinic in Harborne,  and from Hall Green.  I can also do home visits if unable to attend the clinic.

I am  fully qualified in all therapies listed and fully insured.

I started out in 1999 after a career in  the business world and found at first I fell in love with feet. It was and still is a privilege to hold someone feet in my hand and let the gentle art of Reflexology work on relaxing the body and helping nature to help them.  I am fully qualified to treat expectant mums and have also had a lot of experience with children and in palliative care for all ages.  Following reflexology I became interested in energy work and how it affects us and now practice reiki – master level and energy field  healing.

I am an aromatherapist with a qualification also to treat expectant mums.

Some therapies work really well together Reflexology and Reiki,  head and shoulder massage and Reiki  or head and shoulder massage with reflexology.

I work as a complementary therapist and Integrated health professional.  Therefore working with your medical team when required. I do not diagnose any condition nor do I claim to cure any medical condition.